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Out of work and desperate...Please help.."Pay it forward"

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Anna, First, is your Mom retired or on disability of any kind. If she is disabled contact your local social security office right away and apply. You can apply online, be sure and read up on how to apply and tips on winning your award of benefits. I live in Kent, WA. I just went through this last year. Also I'm looking into the many government grant programs that do not have to be repaid. You should also check what the poverty level is for number of people you support and your income, also avail on web. Call every one you can think of, last result would have to be bankruptcy and I hope you do not have to go there as I did. In the last seven years I have dealt with breast cancer, bankruptcy, bipolar, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, a break-up of a 12yr relationship, attempted sucide 4 times and had to retire on social security disability. I'm still hanging in there and so can you! Every time I get on the Internet, I find a new place to look for help.

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