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Out of work and desperate...Please help.."Pay it forward"

Out of work and started this conversation

Hi My name is Anna. I am a single mom with a teeenage son and a elderly mom living with me. I recenlty lost my job and have been looking for work with no dispare. It has been almost two months now and It is geting harder to pay the bills. I was being optomistic last month beleiving I would get a job before my next car payment was due but, now I am getting desprate. I am trying to get cash by selling things on but have gotten no hits on it at all. I make 720. on unemployment and receive 900.00 for child support which you might think that would be great money but, not when you were living beyond your means. My rent is 1200.00 a month wish I could move but, can't afford it right now. Car payment is 500. with insurance. Need car to find a job and get to work when I get a job. State can't help beleive or not I make to much qulify for any assitants. I am putting out atl east 10 applications a week to find a job. I went to two interviews this week alone. Waiting to hear something. But, until then I need help. Donations or I will be willing to sell most of my belongs to keep afloat til I get the job. If you can help in any way I would love to hear form you. And I pledge not to forget any help that I may receive, by when I get back on my feet  will help some who needs help. "pay it forward" God bless..


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Anna, First, is your Mom retired or on disability of any kind. If she is disabled contact your local social security office right away and apply. You can apply online, be sure and read up on how to apply and tips on winning your award of benefits. I live in Kent, WA. I just went through this last year. Also I'm looking into the many government grant programs that do not have to be repaid. You should also check what the poverty level is for number of people you support and your income, also avail on web. Call every one you can think of, last result would have to be bankruptcy and I hope you do not have to go there as I did. In the last seven years I have dealt with breast cancer, bankruptcy, bipolar, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, a break-up of a 12yr relationship, attempted sucide 4 times and had to retire on social security disability. I'm still hanging in there and so can you! Every time I get on the Internet, I find a new place to look for help.

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